Researchers at the University of Arkansas National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab have completed three years of analyses on the Woodruff Arts Center project, examining the effects of multiple arts field trips to the symphony, art museum, and theater on academic and social emotional outcomes for 4th and 5th graders, and further on to middle school.

Findings from Year 3:

  • Researchers found no effect on students’ desire to participate in the arts nor on social emotional measures of empathy, social perspective taking, and political tolerance.
  • Treatment students have a higher desire to consume arts in the future.
  • Treatment students have higher levels of tolerance.
  • The intervention seems to affect students’ behavior and academic outcomes most when they enter middle school.
  • Treatment students experience higher test scores, higher course grades, fewer behavioral infractions, and fewer absences.
  • This is the first study to show increased effect from multiple field trips and sustained effects for past treatment.

For more information about these findings, click here to download the Power Point presentation from the March presentation at the Woodruff Arts Center.